A network in numbers





Welcome. We’re Platinum Property Partners; the world’s first property investment franchise.

We are more than just a franchisor; our partners tell us we are a way of life. We truly believe in the power of a network and helping people like you achieve your goals in life, whether that’s controlling your long-term finances, dictating your free time and how you enjoy it, or even managing yours and your families future.

More than ten years ago founder Steve Bolton had a vision – to help others change their lives for the better and bring financial security and freedom within reach; making it possible for them to achieve their goals.

To date, Platinum Property Partners have partnered with over 365 franchise partners, who have either already achieved or are well on their way to achieving financial security.

Our Franchise Partners are a mixture of both new and seasoned investors using our tried, tested and proven franchise business model to generate lifelong incomes of £50,000 to £150,000 through building a high-quality specialist buy-to-let property portfolio of HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

We pride ourselves on being an investor network – guided by a management team of business angels and comprising like-minded people with similar aspirations. Our philosophy is to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More; something we still stand by today and encourage our team and partners to practice daily.

BE MORE We support your personal and professional development – helping you set, achieve and surpass your goals. We also encourage you to help others to do the same.

DO MORE We help you to make the most of opportunities in both business and life, whilst supporting you to overcome any barriers in achieving work/life balance.

HAVE MORE We assist you in taking care of your financial needs, health and happiness, both now and in the future.

GIVE MORE We encourage you to support those in need by offering your skills, expertise, ideas and time as well as through fundraising and charitable donations.

We’re excited to talk to you, learn about you and help you achieve your financial goals together; after all your success is our success.

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