If you are struggling for gift ideas this Christmas, then this might help you.

As well as giving gifts that I know people will want and enjoy, I also try to give gifts that will have a lasting value and impact. Some ideas for this come from my favourite books.

Here is my top five essential book list.

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

A worldwide best-seller that has changed the mind set of many people regarding money. It is what the wealthy teach their kids that the poor and middle class don’t.

2. Goals!: How to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible – Brian Tracy

This is one of the best books showing you how to master the skill which is the setting and achievement of goals. Brian is a good friend and is consistently voted one of the top three motivational speakers in the world.

3. Getting everything you can out of everything you’ve got– Jay Abraham

A great sales and marketing book from the master marketer and personal mentor of mine.

4. The Hungry Spirit – Charles Handy

One of the UK’s best modern day philosophers and a personal friend, Charles Handy explains why the perpetual drive for more and more materialistic possessions leads to an unfulfilling path and provides some much better alternatives.

5. The Dip: The extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit – Seth Godin

In tough times or in times of tough decisions, The Dip is a masterful little book that leads to breakthroughs in thinking and action from the legend that is Seth Godin.

Any of these books (and many others), given as a gift to the right people at the right time, can have a profound and positive impact in their lives. However, if you are already one step ahead of me, there’s a more comprehensive list on my Pinterest Board – Books the can change your life.

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