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Investing in Birmingham

Angie & Tony Mott

We weren’t looking to buy a job; we were looking for a change of lifestyle and return on investment that we could see was achievable.

Tony Mott
Platinum Partner

Tony and Angela Mott joined PPP in 2010 after spending more than 20 years leading hectic business lives. They were looking for a franchise opportunity that delivered their ideal work/life balance. 

From the age of 23, Tony worked internationally in sales spending much of his time working away from home. Angela’s background is in nursing. For the last 15 years she has established, managed and grown a successful nursing franchise.

Tony was more than ready for something new: “I was ready for a change of career or direction. I didn’t want to be committed to a stressful job.” Angela added: “I had been taking more time out of my nursing franchise, two of our children had gone to university, and with Tony travelling such a lot we decided it was time to re-evaluate where we were going.”

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As the couple were already running a successful franchise they decided to look at what other franchise options were available to them. Tony explained: “Essentially we are very comfortable with franchising but our biggest fear was not finding something that really did what it said it did. We weren’t looking to buy a job; we were looking for a change of lifestyle and return on investment that we could see was achievable.”

Angela expanded on their thinking, saying: “We had positive cash flow with our current franchise and we saw that PPP had a viable business engine. We discussed the benefits of joining PPP and realised that we could get to where we wanted to be quicker with the support from the team.”

Since joining PPP the couple have purchased and refurbished four buy-to-let properties. As your portfolio grows, so does the income you generate – their portfolio has managed to provide them with the extra income and time they needed to achieve the work/life balance they craved.

The first months of joining PPP are filled with extensive mentoring programmes and workshops to fully equip you with the skills you need to build your own successful buy-to-let property portfolio.

Angela describes the support they received from PPP: “Their help was pivotal especially with our first properties. There was always someone at the end of the phone or email and no question was ever too trivial.” Tony said: “For our first two properties we worked with PPP every step of the way. We also learnt a lot from our fellow franchise partners who were a great support network.”

Tony and Angela are still very much enjoying the challenge: “Joining Platinum Property Partners has certainly delivered on improving both our lifestyle and our financial security,” said Tony. Angie added: “We’re not tied down to a 9-5 job and have a lot more free time to spend with the family, go away at short notice or pursue other interests. Tony certainly has more motor biking holidays now!”

Tony has every confidence that joining the PPP franchise was the right option for them: “We have subscribed to the better lifestyle we hoped it would give us. We now have more holidays, more free time and I am not working abroad anymore. It has definitely delivered on our work/life balance expectations.”

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