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Part 1 – Introduction to Platinum 21/10

21 Oct 2020


Part 1 of the Discovery Webinar series, where we will give you a taste of what we do here at Platinum, and why we have so much success.

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The best way to find out more about how Platinum works is to attend our Discovery Webinar series. You’ll be able to look at real Franchise Partner returns and get to know the people who support our Franchise Partners on their own journeys before deciding if partnering with us is right for you.


In the first webinar, you’ll find out:

  • What business measures we have in place in a post-pandemic world
  • How the current UK property market is performing
  • How the Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) market is performing
  • Some headline Platinum financial details


And in the second webinar, we’ll outline the financial benefits of franchising with us in more detail, including:

  • Assessing the financial returns of a Platinum property
  • Taking a look at our unique Property Analyser spreadsheet
  • Stress testing the robustness of the Platinum professional HMO model
  • Looking at a 10-year business plan


At the third stage, you will be invited to attend a one to one Partner meeting with our Partnerships & Recruitment consultant Jonathan, where he will guide you through creating your 10-year business plan, and next steps in joining the network.

Our Discovery Webinar series are hosted by our Partnerships team, who have the crucial insights, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, and will be a condensed version of our usual Discovery Day. This will allow you to gain a clearer understanding of what we do here at Platinum and how our franchise model works.

Meet the hosts

Natalie Ruda

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Natalie Ruda

Head of Partnerships

It’s hugely important that those of you considering joining Platinum fully understand what we do and are confident in how we do it. Natalie and her team have this covered thanks to the amazing support they provide throughout the decision-making process and the incredible Discovery Days they host! Natalie also joined Platinum as a Franchise Partner in 2019, and is going through the process of setting up her first HMO.

Jonathan Wright

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Jonathan Wright

Partnership Consultant

Jonathan’s understanding of our business model is second to none and he’s on hand to ensure our new Franchise Partners can clearly see the potential financial returns property investment can give them.