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Earn a substantial income for life

Income today is important but what concerns most people is income for the future. It’s difficult to know what income your pension will give you, when you will get it and how long you’ll need it for.

To be able to plan ahead for your retirement requires a certain amount of control that many people feel they don’t have. Increasingly, many people look for ways to semi-retire while continuing to generate an income.

Do you know if your current pension pot will give you enough income to sustain your standard of living? After analysing his pension statements from 20 years of contributions, Mike Anderson was deflated to find that his retirement income was going to be much less than he had anticipated.

“I was eager to leave 90 hour weeks behind me and work on retiring early to give me the freedom to enjoy more time with the family”

Mike Anderson
Franchise Partner

“It made me realise I had to do something different. And fast,” said Mike, a former Managing Director of a global automotive business. “I was eager to leave 90 hour weeks behind me and work on retiring early to give me the freedom to enjoy more time with the family. The capital appreciation my property had achieved in just eight years was double my pension investment. So, I decided to see if there was a way to make a generous income from property too.”

Platinum Property Partners enables you to build a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties that delivers an exceptional level of income for life, alongside capital growth. Our Partners are enjoying far higher returns than most pension alternatives and in many instances, are able to reduce their work commitments earlier than they had originally expected.

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