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Leave an inheritance for your loved ones

People are living longer, and that’s great news. But it means that your money has to go much further to provide you with a decent standard of living. As a result, there’s likely to be less to leave as an inheritance to the next generation.

Many of your loved ones are already struggling to manage their money and get a foot on the property ladder. So, it’s more important than ever to look at the best place to invest your hard earned wealth to help provide for your own future and for that of your family.

We wanted to find a business for us essentially, but also a way of ensuring our children would be financially secure in the future

Jane Gillate
Platinum Partner

Simon and Jane Gillate were very keen to give their children the best start in life, but without sacrificing their own dreams. They were concerned about the diminishing returns held in savings and the need to liquidate assets in order to sustain an adequate income, but most importantly they wanted to create a nest-egg for their children.

By joining Platinum Property Partners, Simon and Jane were able to successfully address this challenge. With our help, they built a portfolio of shared houses for young professionals that not only gave them an income now and for life, but has created a business to leave to their children.

The robust and proven PPP model helps you create a high return, low risk solution that not only secures your own future but will also generate a tax efficient inheritance for your loved ones.

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