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Generate a passive income

Becoming a Platinum Property Partner helps you to achieve a range of lifestyle benefits in addition to excellent financial returns.

However, we recognise that while many people are impressed with our expertise and offering, they may not have the time or desire to actively set up and build their own property business.

We have therefore developed a number of passive investment opportunities that enable you to invest your money to work with us without having to get actively involved.  Often these investments are made from investors’ pension funds such as SIPPs.

As a third party passive investor with PPP, you will still be able to achieve good financial returns and be assured that you are working with a business which is backed by a robust and highly profitable business model. This model is constantly enhanced through the experience of more than 200 Partners (May 2014) and the expertise of a network of property experts. These include planning consultants, mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants and negotiation and refurbishment specialists.

If you would like to find out more about our passive investment opportunities, please complete the enquiry form. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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Meet our Partners

Investing in Nottingham

After the financial crisis, Andrew and Julie Paris wanted to find a secure place for their money and get a better return on their investments. Tired of running his print business in Nottingham, Andrew was also looking for something new, something to challenge him and something he could do with his wife, Julie.

Meet Andrew and Julie

Investing in Manchester

Following his departure from a high profile role in an American Automotive corporation, Mike Anderson took stock of his financial position as part of the process to determine the direction of his next career move. The results shocked him.

Meet Mike