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How does it work?

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is a successful property investment company that helps you to build a sustainable, profitable and life-changing business. We offer a proven and replicable property investment model that maximises tax-efficient income from specialist buy-to-let shared housing for young professionals. 

By utilising your existing finances, you can build a low-risk property investment business underpinned by a portfolio of appreciating assets. This will generate an attractive and long-term income stream that can replace or supplement salary, provide a rewarding addition to standard pension provision and leave an inheritance for your loved ones. What’s more, you will know what income you are going to generate and have control of your financial future.

We are the world’s first property investment franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa).

Giving you the skills

Whether you are a novice or seasoned property investor, we have a team of over 50 professionals involved in our highly effective, intense and ongoing training programme. They include specialist mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors and lettings, renovation and negotiation experts.

You will learn how to build, market and maintain your ideal portfolio and earn up to three times as much rental income as similar properties with single-tenancy. We will share with you our expert knowledge on how to generate a substantial long-term income not achieved by any other buy-to-let models, including:

  • Which locations and property types generate the greatest return
  • How to create more rooms within each property to maximise rental income
  • How to cost-effectively refurbish properties to a high standard to achieve high rental rates
  • Creating business structures and plans that make your income as tax-efficient as possible
  • When and how to leverage your portfolio to fund future growth

Continuous development

The size of the portfolio you decide to build will depend on your short, medium and long-term financial and life goals. After intense support to start your portfolio, you will receive ongoing coaching to make sure you stay on track. The PPP community of Partners, management and experts is always on-hand at any point of your journey to provide additional help and support where needed.

You will also be invited to a series of annual events and workshops that help you to grow your business and ensure you stay up to date with the latest legislation, whilst also providing you with the perfect networking opportunity.

The returns you will achieve

Designed and proven to withstand turbulent markets, the PPP model achieves a much higher return on investment than traditional rental properties. With access to exclusive offers from suppliers and contractors, PPP Partners are also able to efficiently reduce their costs even further and increase their profitability.

Our Partners’ property portfolios achieve an average return on investment of 15%. After paying all costs (mortgage, bills, maintenance and voids), an average property will generate over £17,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone – with capital growth as an additional bonus. Overall income depends on the extent of your financial resources, ambition and determination. Most Partners create lifelong annual income in excess of £50,000, and several earn well over £100,000.

Our existing Partners are delighted with the financial returns they get for their investment with PPP. In a recent independent research survey, a remarkable 94% of Partners who had been with us for over two years (and therefore had had the opportunity to build a significant portfolio) said that their financial expectations had been exceeded. This is nearly double the level of satisfaction compared with a range of similar organisations.

What to do next?

If you’re interested in earning a lifelong income and improving your work life balance by building your own property business, click below to receive more information.

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