Most properties need work to become great HMOs. And that work also needs to be compliant with regulations on room sizes and much, much more. Our renovation mentors are there to walk you through refurbishing your properties every step of the way, including helping you manage builders and contractors.

The right properties

It’s easy to fall in love with a property. But our mentors are a critical second pair of eyes to tell you if your love is misguided

Floor planning

Turning a three-bedroom family home into a six-bedroom HMO requires real vision and our mentors have just that

Seeing what you don’t

Our mentors are so experienced in HMO renovation, they’ll see and pick up on crucial issues that you may not


Like a great personal trainer, your renovation mentor will keep you going and push you, even if things get tough

Helping people gives me the biggest buzz. I love meeting new people and shaping the mentoring to suit their needs. It also means I’m staying active in the market and keeping on top of changes in localised property markets.

Mike Dixon

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Franchise partner stories

Our Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. Some have a lot of property experience and others have very little, or none. But all of them are now enjoying the income and freedom that come from partnering with Platinum.