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After the financial crisis, Andrew and Julie Paris wanted to find a secure place for their money and get a better return on their investments. Tired of running his print business in Nottingham, Andrew was also looking for something new, something to challenge him and something he could do with his wife, Julie.

Despite having no experience in property, the couple were interested by the idea and were advised to look at PPP. They were impressed by the proven and robust nature of the property investment model and joined in 2011. What they weren’t bargaining on though was the added benefits of being a PPP Partner.

“We were looking for a property investment opportunity, not really a change in lifestyle. But since getting up and running with our 8 HMOs, we’ve both given up work, we have a property manager who does a lot of the day to day stuff, so it’s really freed up our time to do the things we want to do rather than the things we have to do,” said Andrew.

For Julie, it is being part of such a great community of like-minded people that she enjoys the most. “Not only do you have this really great network of people to help you throughout the entire process, to hold your hand through everything, to educate you, but also you find that you’ve got this amazing circle of friends that you have this instant common bond and those friends are friends for life,” added Julie.

Andrew and Julie now play an important part in the PPP community, sharing the skills and expertise they have learnt while building their portfolio with new Partners.

PPP has really freed up our time to do the things we want to do rather than the things we have to do.

Julie is now the regional coach for the Midlands area: “It’s a rather gratifying job which I’m quite happy to do, because when we were thinking about joining PPP, we went to visit some Partners and looked at their properties, talked to them and asked them questions before we made the decision. They were so helpful and it made such a difference to our decision that I’m very happy to pay it forward”.

As a refurbishment specialist, Andrew helps new Partners with the refurbishment of their first property: “It’s actually very exciting to be part of that first step on the journey, to meet new Partners, to talk to them and to see how they’re excited about their property, and perhaps a little scared. I enjoy sharing the experience and knowledge that I’ve learnt through the process and wider network to help them get to the place they want to be.”

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