About the Commercial Property Mastermind

We don't just guide our Franchise Partners to success in HMO property investment.

Many of those Franchise Partners have gone on to enjoy success in commercial property investment, too, thanks to our 12-month Commercial Property Mastermind programme.

Now we’re opening up the programme to potential investors outside of our community.

It’s a real game-changer.

Commercial Property Mastermind fellows gain access to Platinum’s commercial investment team, who have spearheaded our own investments in several low-risk, high-yielding sites in Bournemouth on the south coast.

You’ll be coached by the team in all aspects of successful commercial investment, giving you the confidence to make the correct decisions and start your own commercial investment journey.

Why invest in commercial property?

Maximise your funds

Tax-efficiently utilise your pension funds

Capital growth and income

Attractive returns and a stable, long-term income stream

Portfolio diversification

Spread your investments to reduce risk

Having the support of Platinum and the commercial team behind us was a no-brainer...

Liam Gallagher

Commercial Mastermind Fellow


What the Commercial Mastermind programme includes

Bootcamps & events

Two full-day commercial property bootcamp sessions and social events

Workshops & support

Four full-day workshops and six support calls with our commercial experts

Site visits

Optional site visits with the team throughout the 12-month programme

Focus group access

Access to the private mastermind focus group and three hours of FREE support

Learn how we do things

Three half-day deep dives into our commercial investment model

Great networking

Access to a closed information portal and networking opportunities, plus a field trip

An introduction to the Commercial Mastermind

This video gives you a taster of what to expect from the Commercial Mastermind. The next step is to download your free introductory webinar, which will introduce you to the people behind the programme and give you even more insight into what it's all about...

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