The Platinum Property Partners Community

How Platinum is helping people build their future by combining franchising with property investment.

Did we mention that our product was our people?

Steve Bolton’s vision for Platinum back in 2007 was built around a community of Partners all intent on helping each other achieve financial and lifestyle goals through property.

Twelve years on, we haven’t deviated from that – and the Platinum community is growing all the time.

And the best thing about it?

The variety…

Our 370 Partners come from a huge range of backgrounds. We’ve got former directors, accountants and even estate agents in our community of property investors.

We’ve also welcomed former public sector workers from the NHS and education, as well as mothers reigniting their careers now their children have flown the nest.

All that experience, in life and business, means our Partners are usually only one person away from solving a problem.

And that is the real power of Platinum.

We encourage our community to think like every PPP member of staff does – by living by Steve Bolton’s life motto:

BE MORE We support your personal and professional development – helping you set, achieve and surpass your goals. We also encourage you to help others to do the same.

DO MORE We help you to make the most of opportunities in both business and life, whilst supporting you to overcome any barriers in achieving work/life balance.

HAVE MORE We assist you in taking care of your financial needs, health and happiness, both now and in the future.

GIVE MORE We encourage you to support those in need by offering your skills, expertise, ideas and time as well as through fundraising and charitable donations.

We’re excited to talk to you, learn about you and help you achieve your financial goals together.

After all your success is our success.