Meet the team behind PPP: Our journey from ‘idea’ to the world’s first property investment franchise

Back in early 2007, Steve Bolton was on holiday with his family.

He sat bolt upright in the middle of the night, opened his laptop and began writing his vision for helping people build the life he had built for himself through HMO property investment.

His wife wasn’t best pleased, but Platinum’s 370 Partners are still thanking him for his ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment 12 years on.

Steve’s successful property portfolio was built on the security of the multiple income streams HMOs can generate, but he didn’t build his future alone.

He knew he needed help, so he found trusted and experienced experts to help him.

It worked for him and he knew it would work for others.

Platinum Property Partners was born.

Twelve years later, Platinum has not only helped its 370 Franchise Partners protect and make their money work harder for them but also:

  • Develop personally and professionally by setting, achieving and surpassing goals
  • Make the most of business opportunities, while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • Support others with skill, expertise and experience as well as giving back to charitable organisations.

Meet the Team

We have since built a strong team who are just as dedicated to Steve's vision as he is...

Meet the directors

Steve Bolton (Founder)

The man with the vision. Steve is still hugely involved with Platinum, passionate about helping our Partners achieve their goals and features heavily in our discovery day line-up.

Richard Davies (CEO)

After joining the company as a financial director in 2008, Richard was later made CEO and has continued to drive Platinum forward alongside its sister commercial company Bourne Asset Management.

Emma Dillane (Divisional Director)

Previously Platinum’s Head of Operations, Emma might be small but she certainly packs a punch.

Supported by Anna, Rachel, Mahsa, Natalie E, Roxy, Emma R and Becka, Emma’s team supports our Partners in all aspects of the investment and development process.

Department Heads

Mike Hedgecox (Executive Partner)

As a long-standing Franchise Partner, Mike has been there, done it and seen it all – and as Executive Partner of Platinum, he’s in the perfect position to provide expert support for our Partners across the UK.

Natalie Windsor (Head of Partnerships)

Knowing our Partners understand what Platinum is all about and have confidence in our approach is hugely important to us – that’s where Natalie comes in.

Supported by her team of Jonathan, Sam and Lucy, Natalie ensures our discovery days are power-packed.

Emma Bovey (Events Manager)

We’re a world class property investment franchise – our Partners say so. And thanks to Emma and her team of Mariana and Claire, our events are world class, too.