Why Platinum? A property investment franchise built around people

Why Platinum? We know what you’re thinking.

“I have the capital, so I can invest in property myself. Why do I need to buy a franchise?”

It’s a valid point.

But investing in property, particularly complex Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), is about far more than simply having the capital in place.

Our product is our people and their experience.

We’ve been guiding and coaching successful property investors for more than a decade using a system of investment that works.

It’s proven. It’s robust. It’s successful.

And most importantly, it’s foundation is its people.

Our team of experts at our head office in Bournemouth span the three major property investment headaches – tax and finance, planning and conversion.

They are people who have the expertise, experience, drive, passion and honesty to make property investment work for you.

Yes, honesty.

Property investment can be risky. We don’t shy away from that and we’ll spell out those risks for you at the very beginning.

No bluster. No spin.

But here’s one of the many things we’ve learned over the past 12 years – risk is best reduced by joining forces. People will always be better together.

The numbers back up what we do, too:

· Our Franchise Partners achieve, an average, a return on investment of 10-15%

· On average, after costs, each of their properties generates £17,000 gross profit from annual rental income

· Most Partners create a lifelong annual income of between £50,000 and £150,000 from their properties

Our way of investing in property has seen our Partners navigate their way through the global financial crisis, the mountains of legislation in the private rental sector and the uncertainty of Brexit.

And the one other major constant during all that turbulence?

They’ve continued to make a profit, enjoy their freedom and watch their legacy go from strength to strength.

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