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Why join us

Joining PPP is a big decision. Becoming a Partner involves not only a major financial investment, but also dedication and commitment. It also has a major impact on your lifestyle – for the better. 

We have strong values that are embedded in everything that we do and we encourage our Partners to practise these values in everything they do.

Developed by our founder Steve Bolton, our philosophy is to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More.

BE MORE – We support your personal and professional development – helping you set, achieve and surpass your goals. We also encourage you to help others to do the same.
DO MORE – We help you to make the most of opportunities in both business and life, whilst supporting you to overcome any barriers in achieving work/life balance.
HAVE MORE – We assist you in taking care of your financial needs, health and happiness, both now and in the future.
GIVE MORE – We encourage you to support those in need by offering your skills, expertise, ideas and time as well as through fundraising and charitable donations.

Often, more than one member of the family becomes a Partner – usually a spouse, but also sometimes children and other relatives. This can add a special and enjoyable element to the development of your new business.

Partners tell us that, while the significant long-term improvement in financial security from developing a PPP portfolio is very welcome, the improvement in quality of life is equally as important. Indeed it is the combination of the two that leads many people to join PPP.

Above all, people enjoy being more in control of their lives – in control of their long-term finances, in control of their free time and how they enjoy it, and in control of their futures and that of their families.

If the prospect of financial security and a better quality of life is appealing to you, then contact us to find out whether you qualify to attend one of our Discovery Days.

What to do next?

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