What is an HMO?

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are properties that are rented out by people from more than one household on a room-by-room basis.

Because HMOs are rented by individual tenants, they're more than three times more profitable than standard buy-to-let properties.

And HMO landlords are able to avoid costly void periods, too - because when one tenant moves out, they still have the income from the other rooms coming in while they find a replacement.

However, although HMOs are more profitable, they're also more complex, too, with licensing, planning permission and huge amounts of legislation to comply with.

Why invest in HMOs?

HMOs generate more income

Our Franchise Partners earn, on average, £20,000 per year from each HMO they own

You'll get fewer void periods

When one tenant moves out of a six-bedroom HMO, you still have five rooms worth of income while you find a new tenant

HMOs are in high demand

Demand for HMO rooms is on the rise as renters look for value and 'community' from their rental properties

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