Our Franchise Partners are the beating heart of Platinum and their successes are the reason we do what we do. They come from all walks of life – small business owners and corporate directors to teachers, doctors and stay-at-home mums and dads. But they all have one thing in common – a desire for more income, more freedom and a greater legacy for their families.

We didn’t have loads of money, but we knew we had enough to do something with. We saw an advert for a franchise show and went along with no real purpose and wandered around aimlessly. This is where we first came across Platinum Property Partners and we were hooked right away.

Kelly & Simon

Our Partners' Properties

Our Franchise Partners don’t just create great HMO properties – they create homes. The popularity of shared living for professionals is increasing all the time as workers look for flexibility and value from renting. But the landlords who succeed in the shared living space are the ones whose properties truly stand out from the crowd.