15 years of HMO expertise at your fingertips

Investing in HMOs can be as complex as it is profitable, so having Platinum’s expert team behind you really can make all the difference.

Our Franchise Partners buy houses, renovate them and reorganise the floor plans as profitable HMOs.

Over the past 15 years we have helped more than 400 Franchise Partners earn more income, enjoy more freedom and strengthen their legacies.

So, whatever your interest in HMO investment, whether you're looking to:

Build your property business
Grow your HMO portfolio
Understand more about our HMO business model
Learn how to manage an HMO property portfolio
Source existing HMO property
Find HMO investment for sale

Then we can help you too.

Why invest in HMOs?

HMOs generate more income

HMOs are more than three times more profitable than standard buy-to-let properties. Our Franchise Partners earn, on average, £20,000 per year from each HMO they own

You'll get fewer void periods

When one tenant moves out of a six-bedroom HMO, you still have five rooms worth of income while you find a new tenant

HMOs are in high demand

Demand for HMO rooms is rising month on month as renters look for value and 'community' from their rental properties

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