Working with you to create and grow your property business

Unlike many property training courses, we don't tell you how to successfully invest in property and then walk away.

We work right by your side, one-to-one, helping you to avoid costly mistakes and ensuring your property investments go from strength to strength.

Shared living properties, known officially as HMOs, are rented out on a room-by-room basis.

Because they're rented to individual housemates, they're around three times more profitable than standard buy-to-let properties.

However, although shared living properties are a profitable investment, they're also extremely complex, with licensing, planning and huge amounts of legislation to comply with.

Our investors, though, follow a franchise business model that's been successful for 15 years.

They also have their property mentors with them at every stage, through finance and buying, to renovating, licensing and marketing their rooms.

You could say it's property investment that's as safe as houses.

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About Platinum Property Partners

Since 2007, we've helped more than 390 people become financially independent through shared living property investment – giving them back their time and freedom, so they can do the things they love.

Platinum Partners own 100% of their property businesses from day one and keep their assets after their term ends – meaning they can continue to enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits long after their commitment to us has ended.

In many ways, Platinum is a lifestyle in itself, thanks to the powerful connections and friendships our Partners build with each other.

This really is property investment that can change your life.

We’re in a position where I can retire in five years and I can maintain a guaranteed income. We’ve taken control of our own destiny and that is a lovely feeling to have.

Paul Reynolds

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Take the next step... request more information