Platinum is a change agent for people.

We share our knowledge and expertise to create a positive transformation in the lives of our stakeholders.

We are committed to being educational leaders towards community-driven, compliant and environmentally sustainable development.

Platinum was founded in 2007 by Steve Bolton when he franchised his own HMO property business, alongside the business model, systems and expertise that led to it becoming so successful.

Since then, Platinum has helped more than 400 Franchise Partners earn more income, enjoy more freedom and strengthen their legacies.

We’re full members of the British Franchise Association and for more than a decade, our Franchise Partners have been creating amazing, affordable, comfortable homes for professional people all over the country.

As well as growing their property businesses, we actively encourage our Franchise Partners to grow as people, too.

So, we support your personal and professional development and help you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way – both in life and in business.

We’re so much more than just a franchise.

Franchise partner stories

Our Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. Some have a lot of property experience and others have very little, or none. But all of them are now enjoying the income and freedom that come from partnering with Platinum.