Your Two Step Process To Discover Platinum

1. Discovery Webinar

The first step is to attend one of our free, 45-minute live Discovery Webinars, which will show you how the franchise works, outline the support you'll get and gain you an insight into why our business model has been so successful for more than a decade. BFA accredited.

What a Discovery Webinar is

  • A taste of what we do
  • A look at the HMO market
  • A chance for you to meet the team

What a Discovery Webinar isn't

  • A franchise sign up event
  • A commitment - other than your time
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2. Discovery Day

The second stage of our Discovery process is a face-to-face Discovery Day, where you'll hear from more of our Franchise Partners about their own stories of success, meet some key members of the mentoring team and delve deeper into the financial details.

What a Discovery Day is

  • An exclusive invite-only event
  • A detailed look at Platinum
  • A chance to hear real life case studies

What a Discovery Day isn't

  • A property course
  • A franchise sign-up event
  • A chance for us to up-sell to you
  • A commitment - other than your time
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After your 45-minute Discovery Webinar, our Partnerships team will be in touch to get your feedback and discuss whether you're able to attend one of our face-to-face Discovery Days.

The Discovery Day goes into much more detail about the Platinum business model, the support our Franchise Partners get in growing their property businesses and, crucially, the financial returns you can expect.

These full-day events are reserved exclusively for those people who meet our funding criteria, and the Partnerships team will run you through a short qualification process during your post-webinar call.

If you're keen to find out more, and you meet the qualification criteria, we'll get you booked in for a forthcoming Discovery Day.

What to expect from your discovery webinar

A great introduction

The webinar gives you a 45-minute taster of what the Platinum franchise offers so you can decide if you to find out more - without committing too much of your time

Explore a HMO

You'll take a virtual tour of one of our Franchise Partner HMOs, so you can see the high-quality homes our network creates for professional people

The floor plan test

How do you turn a three-bedroom family home into a six or seven-bedroom HMO? The webinar will show you how our Franchise Partners do it with our support

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Upcoming Discovery Webinars


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Platinum Discovery Webinar


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Platinum Discovery Webinar


10:30am | Zoom

Platinum Discovery Webinar


16:00pm | Zoom

Platinum Discovery Webinar