Joining the franchise: FAQs

Here are a few questions that we regularly get asked by prospective Franchise Partners looking to join Platinum Property Partners. Of course, the best way to find out more is to join us on a Discovery Day.

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Who are Platinum Property Partners?

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is a successful property investment franchise that enables both novice and seasoned property investors to build a sustainable, profitable and life changing portfolio of shared housing for young professionals.

We were established in 2007 by entrepreneur Steve Bolton and have over 350 Partners who operate in 200 towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Our Franchise Partners are supported by a team at our Head Quarters in Bournemouth as well as our nationwide network of coaches, mentors and property experts.

What does PPP do?

We provide extensive training, support and processes that equip you with the knowledge and skills to build a profitable buy-to-let property portfolio. You will learn how to use our tried and tested system that maximises rental income from specialist buy-to-let shared housing for young professionals. This is known as a type of house in multiple occupancy (HMO). You own the assets, so you also benefit from long-term capital growth. You will be supported by our network of existing Partners, property investment experts and our 35-strong team at the Head Office in Bournemouth.

What is an HMO?

Houses in Multiple Occupation, or HMOs, are generally defined as properties with a minimum of three unconnected tenants sharing kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities. Unconnected means not part of the same household, therefore unrelated.

Depending on the type of HMO and its location, licensing may be required from your local authority, rooms may be subject to minimum size guidelines or additional fire safety measures put in place.

We specialise in helping you to build a specific type of HMO designed to attract young professionals.

Read our blog post on HMOs to find out more about them.

What is the joining process?

Joining PPP is a major decision. We need to get to know each other to be entirely confident that this is the right decision for you and for us.

Following an initial telephone discussion, potential Partners attend a Discovery Day to learn about all aspects of our proposition and to meet existing Partners who have already successfully developed their own businesses.

A Discovery Day is followed by a meeting with one of our Investment Directors, which is your opportunity to review your personal circumstances in great detail to establish exactly how joining us would meet your financial and other goals.

You then carry out further due diligence on us, including a visit to one of our Partners to see one of their properties and to discuss their experience with us.

Finally, a discussion with one of our Board Members confirms whether joining PPP is the best way for you to achieve substantial lifelong income and more time to enjoy life.

This thorough process ensures that one of the most important decisions of your life is indeed right for you.

What happens when I join?

We will work with you from the outset to establish short, medium and long-term financial and life goals (reviewed annually) which helps us to pair you with a suitable mentor. These mentors will be specialists in their chosen investment locations and guide you through the comprehensive training until your first HMO is fully tenanted.

As part of this initial training programme, you will attend a number of events, benefit from one-to-one mentoring and receive a comprehensive set of manuals, guidelines and supporting material that include the following:

  • Introduction to the network – you will meet our team at Head Office, the network of coaches, mentors and property experts that will be helping you, and begin to mix with our community of existing Partners
  • Bootcamp – a two day workshop that takes you through the intricacies of portfolio development
  • Property Purchasing and Refurbishment Mentoring – one to one training on location
  • Foundation Lettings Course – ensures that you are equipped with the right information needed to find tenants and effectively and legitimately let a property

You will also have continued access to a range of other training programmes, personal development workshops and lifestyle events throughout your entire time with PPP.

How do I know if I can become a Partner?

Platinum Property Partners is not the right choice for everyone. You must have the available finances but also have the time to devote to building your portfolio, the desire to be part of a team, and the motivation and determination to achieve your goals.

Financially, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £700,000 of investment capital. This amount will depend on your investment location and the size of the property portfolio you want to build. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised.

To find out if you qualify and whether joining PPP will suit you, visit what’s involved for you.

What do I get for my money?

The franchise fee and ongoing monthly payments enable us to provide you with the best expert advice, guidance, training and support. It also allows us to negotiate special products and services with suppliers that enhances the profitability of your property portfolio.  This is a significant investment and we are delighted that our Partners say that they could not have achieved the same returns if they were to go it alone. Look at some of our case studies to see how some of our Partners feel we offer value for money.

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