Platinum Property Partners: Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s: Your property investment franchise questions answered

We know you’ll have dozens of FAQ’s about us, what we do and what you get for your investment in Platinum the FAQ’s below will help you find any common questions that are asked to our partnerships team.

So, we’ve put together a list of common queries we get from potential Partners before they start their journey with us.

Your question not listed? Get in touch with our Partner Recruitment team who will be happy to help.

What does Platinum do?

Funnily enough, this is one of the most common FAQ’s we’re asked…

Knowledge is power and when our Partners join Platinum they are becoming part of a powerful team.

Platinum provides the training, support and systems to help you build a profitable and sustainable portfolio of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for professional tenants.

Our Partners own their properties so as well as the income generated through rent, they also benefit from long-term capital growth.

And our team of experts and community of existing Partners are on hand to provide support, expertise and advice throughout your property investment journey.

What is a HMO?

A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a property shared by three or more individual tenants who share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Think Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler from Friends.

Some HMOs require licences to operate, while regulation on room sizes and health and safety are stringent – and rightly so.

We guide our Partners through all the legislation surrounding HMOs, making sure they are compliant and can focus on their income, freedom and legacy goals.

How do I join Platinum?

We’re not selling you a pair of shoes or a new top.

Property investment requires substantial capital, so it’s a big decision for you.

And we want you to be successful and achieve your goals, so it’s also a big decision for us, too.

After an initial call with our Partner Recruitment team to discuss your goals and capital position, potential Partners who meet our qualification criteria will be invited to a Discovery Day to find out more about Platinum and meet existing Partners.

Following the Discovery Day, potential Partners meet with one of our Investment Directors to review their finances and establish the goals they hope to achieve through joining the franchise.

We then encourage further due diligence into Platinum – it’s hugely important to us that our Partners are comfortable with all aspects of what we do and how we do it.

You’ll visit one of our Partners, take a look at their HMOs and will have the chance to ask them anything you like about their Platinum experience.

A final meeting with one of Platinum’s board members will establish beyond doubt that we’re right for you and you’re right for us.

Then your journey with Platinum can really begin…

What happens after I join?

Platinum is all about helping you achieve your income, freedom and legacy goals through property investment.

We’ll work with you from day one to establish those goals and pair you up with one of our property investment mentors who will guide you through locating, buying, renovating and tenanting your first HMO.

During your initial training, you will:

· Meet the Platinum head office team, our coaches, mentors and property experts and start to network with our existing Partners

· Attend an intensive two-day bootcamp on HMO property investment

· Receive one-to-one, on-location coaching in HMO property buying and refurbishment

· Attend a Foundation Lettings course that will provide you with the skills and confidence to find tenants and stay on the right side of private rental legislation

We also put on a host of lifestyle and personal development workshops and events, aimed at building relationships within our community and driving our Partners forward personally as well as professionally.

What do I need to join Platinum?

Clearly to invest in property you need money – that will come as no surprise.

But you’ll also need to invest your time into building your HMO portfolio as well as the desire to work with our team and the determination to achieve your goals.

If you don’t have the time, but do have the capital, our Affinity programme could be for you.

But back to the money…

You’ll need at least £300,000 of capital as an initial investment, but this could rise to £700,000+ depending on where you invest in the UK and the size of the portfolio you wish to build.

That funding could come from cash savings, equity in your home, or other investments. It could also be possible for you to utilise your pension or other family assets.

What do I get for my franchise fee?

Franchise fees and ongoing management service fees enable us to give our Partners the very best support, expertise and guidance.

Through our relationships with service providers and suppliers, we can also negotiate special deals for our Partners, which can help them reduce costs during the financing and refurbishment stages of their Platinum journey and therefore enhance their profitability.

We make significant investments in our systems, processes and team of experts to stay ahead of the game in the fast-changing property world.

And this investment enables our Partners to do the same.

How do I find out more?

We hope these answer most of your FAQ’s if you’d like to find out more, here’s a message from our founder Steve Bolton.

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