The ‘New Year’ is a great time for reflection on the years that have passed, in order to be able to make positive plans for the future. Therefore, Platinum Property Partners would like to take this time to congratulate all of its Franchise Partners for their successes and continued progress throughout the last eleven years. We have now welcomed over 355 Franchise Partners to the network, with a collective of 1,068 properties and 6408 tenants across the UK - and we couldn't be more proud of you all! In spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, we've selected 12 especially inspiring Franchise Partners and their HMOs to celebrate!

Kay Collier-Jeremy & Nigel Jeremy discovered PPP after reading Neil Mansell’s book on Amazon, this then led them to the PPP website and also the purchase of our founder’s book - Profitable Property Secrets - by Steve Bolton. After carrying out thorough research, they joined the PPP network in 2013. When they began their journey - they had hoped that within 10 years that they would be able to generate an increasingly passive income that would provide them with the time, flexibility and freedom to pursue their wider interests and personal goals. Well, they are definitely on their way to meeting these goals - just 5 years later they have 6 properties - all in or around the Reading Area. We feel that the funky style they feature in their HMOs may have something to do with their continued success!Agnes & Jonathan Goodall joined PPP in 2017 with the hope that they’d be able to obtain a greater return from property than continuing in their corporate jobs. At first, they were sceptical as to whether the HMO model would work in Teesside, but after working closely with the PPP team and speaking to nearby Franchise Partners, they were confident with their location decision! Their first property below, was completed at the end of January this year and has been converted from a 4-bedroom semi-detached house into what is now a 6-bedroom HMO with 4 ensuites and 1 shared bathroom - with a very neat but cosy feel.Simon & Natasha Gouldson - Despite having no experience in property, Simon & Natasha joined the PPP network in May 2016. The couple wanted to improve their work/life balance and felt that this opportunity could enable them to do that. Now, nearly two years on, they have 3 successful HMO properties in Stratford upon Avon and Solihull - and you wouldn’t have guessed that they were new to the property investment market at all! Simon & Natasha tend to use a careful balance of neutral tones with a splash of colour - we feel this really brings each property to life.Robin & Maxine Grant attended the National Franchise Exhibition in Birmingham 2016, looking to start a systemised business. After much research, they believed that franchising was the best way to do this, especially when going into a new industry. PPP cannot believe the speed in which they have been able to build such a successful portfolio! They have purchased and refurbished 4 HMOs since February last year, with an additional 1 in the middle of completion and they are on the lookout for their 6th. Their properties, which are all based in Watford, are of an extremely high quality as the couple really optimise the properties natural lighting and original features. We particularly love their open-plan living spaces!Mark & Sue Hammond - After 23 years in the RAF and 11 years building an SME - employing over 140 people - Mark was looking for something he could now do alongside his wife. After attending a Franchise Show in October 2015, they had in-fact carried out their due diligence for 2 other opportunities along with that of PPP. After deciding that we were the right path for them, they went and booked a holiday to celebrate! Mark and Sue now own 5 HMO properties in Witney, Oxfordshire which are proof that the little touches you can make to a house make all of the difference!Laura O'Connell was referred to PPP by an existing Franchise Partner in September 2016 and by July 2017, Laura had purchased, refurbished and fully let her first HMO just north of Gatwick Airport. With the help of an experienced builder who had already worked on seven Platinum properties, she converted what was once a 3-bedroom end of terrace house into a 6-bedroom and 5-bathroom HMO. Laura completed on her second property in February 2018, with her long-term goal to grow her portfolio by one property a year while she continues to work. Her success comes as no surprise to us, as her simple yet elegant decor sets her properties apart from the rest in her area.Joe & Lisa Quilter have 2 high-quality HMOs in Didcot. Their ability to transform a professional house share into a home is incredible - they believe that this is what makes them stand out in the local area! The speed and efficiency of which issues are addressed - is a significantly important factor to Joe and Lisa. By living locally they feel that they can always be on hand to address these, along with their local team of preferred suppliers. As you can see below, their modern, polished style must also play a factor!Dion & Alex Taylor - were also referred to us by an existing Franchise Partner. Having moved to the UK from New Zealand after working his way up to a CEO level, Alex was not shy of a challenge. However, he felt that what PPP provided, would allow him and his wife to gain “the confidence to run rather than walk” and we can definitely say this is the case! Dion & Alex now have 6 HMO properties up and running in Windsor, Staines and Ashford, and despite some tough economic times since 2014, have a guaranteed income and level of return. As you can see from the pictures below - their properties are simply stunning!Charlotte Tompkins & Julian Tompkins - Whilst Julian worked within the Pharmaceutical sector for 14 years, Charlotte focused on bringing up their two children. Now that they were older, she was searching for something to invest her time in. By March 2016, they had joined and purchased their first property, and now have 4 in the areas surrounding Didcot. We absolutely love their clean and clever use of space as well as their splashes of colour.Helen & John Barnes have been PPP Franchise Partners since 2015, and now have 4 successful properties within their portfolio based in Luton. Helen and John’s collective experience has especially shone through in their fourth refurbishment, which was completed in June this year. This Edwardian property was originally a 3-bedroom semi-detached house, which they described as being in “quite a sorry state but with heaps of potential”. With the help of PPP, Helen & John have now converted this into a lovely 7-bedroom and 7-bathroom HMO, by optimising the loft space and re-modelling the ground floor layout.

Andrew & Christina Wallace - In the summer of 2014 this couple sold their family home to finance their property portfolio with PPP. Living in North Finchley, property prices were above average and they needed £400,000 to get started. So, after developing their first 7-bedroom HMO, which was originally a 3-bedroom house, they sold up and moved into a rented house in Muswell Hill. A further two HMOs followed - an 8-bedroom, then a year later, a further 8-bedroom property. As you can see below, all of their properties are extremely inviting, we'd love to live there!

Bob & Lisa Gallop - After attending a National Franchise Exhibition in 2014, Bob and Lisa joined the PPP network. Now, owning 3 HMO properties in Birmingham and Solihull, the couple are gaining great momentum. The images below show off the fresh and bright style of their properties, especially this kitchen with its fabulous blue splashback wall and welcoming breakfast bar to make for a sociable and entertaining environment for its tenants.Everyone here at PPP, are extremely excited to see what follows in the coming year!