We join Steve Bolton, Founder of Platinum Property Partners, for a brief chat about how it all began and where he is now. He also talks about who his fantasy dinner party guests would be and what’s in store for PPP’s future!

How did PPP start?

I started my first two businesses in the early 90’s and achieved great success from them, but the economic fallout that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks and foot and mouth disease forced me to put one into voluntary liquidation and I had to sell my family home to avoid bankruptcy.

I learnt some valuable lessons and spent two years’ researching the safest, most proven and profitable way to make money. I concluded that high income producing residential property was the best business strategy available.

Between 2004 and 2016 I bought 20 properties in Bournemouth, which provided high-quality, affordable shared accommodation for 80 tenants. I had secured financial independence – never needing to trade my time for money again, my pension was guaranteed and a financial legacy was created for future generations.

What prompted the decision to franchise?

My real passions are in mentoring, training, forming partnerships with people and sharing experiences and success – franchising is based on long-term, mutually rewarding and profitable partnerships so it seemed the natural step to take.

Unlike most other franchises, however, our Franchise Partners own their assets – their properties - from day one as opposed to the franchisor.

What is your career highlight?

Reaching the 10th anniversary of PPP in 2017 and realising that the model I created had provided beautiful homes for more than 6,000 tenants, from 1,000+ properties purchased and owned by our Franchise Partners. In turn, this enabled them and their families to achieve, or be well on their way towards achieving, their own financial independence.

Who is or has been your “bestie” in franchising?

Trite as it may sound, the bfa were instrumental in helping me start, develop and expand PPP and achieve the highest level of membership within a very short space of time.

How do you relax?

I developed the PPP model so that I could enjoy time freedom and my own portfolio enabled me to achieve my goal of taking three months’ holiday every year to travel the world with my family. Despite running the franchise, I still do this. I also relax by going out on my boat or going to the Juicy Oasis health retreats hosted by my close friend, Jason Vale.

What’s in the future for PPP?

In 2017, I achieved a long-standing goal to make shares in PPP available for Franchise Partners to purchase. We want to continue to expand the engagement and involvement of our Franchise Partners in helping us moving the business forward to greater heights. I also have a personal mission to end homelessness, which many of our Franchise Partners support.

What team do you follow?

My dad was a semi-professional footballer, so it’s a sport I have always followed. I’ve lived in Bournemouth most of my life and followed the local football team ever since. In 2015, they were promoted to the Premiership so the last few seasons have been especially exciting!

Your fantasy dinner party guests?

Including those no longer with us, I would have: John Lewis, founder of John Lewis and Waitrose; Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire industrialist and philanthropist; Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Elon Musk.

Who’d play you in the film of your life?

My three boys – Nathan, 28, Charlie, 16, and Jude, 9. Each one could have a role at different stages of my life.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a man of integrity and trust who made a positive and lasting difference to millions of people around the world, but who still remained a normal, regular and likeable bloke.