When Ania Jeffries joined Platinum Property Partners (PPP) in 2012 with her husband Simon, it was very much about building a property portfolio that would create wealth and financial security for the future.

Already owners of a modest buy-to-let property portfolio in the UK and abroad, the couple from Tunbridge Wells found that the PPP model offered new strategy in property, but also offered them a chance to build a legacy for their children.

They now have a portfolio of four highly profitable shared houses for young professionals, which they are continuing to grow. But, what Ania hadn't expected was how being part of the franchise would inspire her to follow another passion and set up a second business and income stream.

"One of the main things that attracted me to PPP was the company's core values and commitment to continued learning and development outside of the property world," said Ania. "Since joining, I feel I have been completely challenged on so many fronts and started to believe that I could achieve anything."

It was at one of the PPP National Workshops where Ania realised that she wanted to set up her own life coaching and mentoring business, after listening to a presentation from motivational speaker, Jack Black.

Encouraged by the support and motivation of the PPP team and other Partners within the franchise, Next Step Mentor was born. Offering three, six and twelve month programmes which involve one-to-one sessions, power conversations, email support and events, Ania specialises in helping people to build self-confidence and self-belief.

"It's about helping people to succeed in whatever area of their life they want to focus on," added Ania. "PPP has this philosophy to be more, do more, have more and give more and this business is not only about being more, but also giving back."

It was because of the income generated by her property portfolio that allowed Ania to take time out to pursue her passion, as she explains: "What PPP offers first and foremost is a proven property investment model that offers cashflow. However, the personal development that is provided as part of the initial and on-going training is something that I have found invaluable and the real catalyst for me to follow my other passion - to help people change their lives through coaching and mentoring."

Since being launched in 2007, PPP has successfully recruited more than 200 Partners who provide high quality shared housing to more than 4,000 professional tenants across the UK. It is this network and the training that PPP provides that Ania credits her success.

Ania concluded: "PPP has given me huge confidence on so many levels. From a property point of view, Simon and I are looking to do a commercial project, which we would never have even considered before joining PPP.

"But on a personal level, our other businesses are purely down to the support and guidance of PPP. The people I am surrounded by within PPP are extremely passionate, supportive and encouraging, which is a huge driver in terms of your own success. And it's not just me who finds this beneficial, as so many other Partners are now also building second businesses.

"I would never have even contemplated doing half of what I have done and am planning to do if it hadn't been for PPP. We all have moments when we doubt ourselves but it is support that keeps you going."