Are you fair housing aware?

With a focus on Fair Housing every April, in the States, Platinum Property Partners discussed what “fair housing” means, here in the UK, and how our network meets the required standards every time.

Running a Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) business can have its challenges, alongside its rewards. But when it comes to fair housing policies, and recent changes to the law around tenants’ rights, being connected to a network like Platinum, can help you make sense of what “fair housing” means in practice.

Whilst there is much to know and understand, when it comes to the rights of landlords and tenants, in this short blog we’ll look at the basics of fair housing and what it means to our network of HMO franchise partners. We help our network understand the more complex issues around this, which is key. Especially as the Government is committed to “levelling up” the UK’s Private Rented sector, by 2030, and has made changes to the laws and regulations to achieve this.

Essentially, “Fair Housing” is accepting,

“Everyone has a right to a decent home, regardless of their background, appearance, age, beliefs, or lifestyle. No one should be condemned to live in properties which are inadequately heated, unsafe, or unhealthy.”

With more people renting across the UK than ever before, according to Shelter, our HMO properties are making it easier for fair housing to be achievable, because our Partners care about their property investments, elevating them into stunning co-living spaces. With many of our tenants being busy professionals, we create spaces which are high-quality and welcoming. Somewhere they can truly call home and feel part of the Community.

Providing a professional service is at the heart of everything we do at Platinum, happy housemates stay longer and enjoy their Co-Living experience. Our Partners offer a seamless and streamlined process, giving housemates peace of mind and reassurance and the Lettings Team at Platinum are on hand to support with any issues.

When it comes to running an HMO property, we have a duty to make sure we’re treating tenants with fairness and understanding and providing them with fair housing. Something the Platinum model can offer you guidance and support around, giving you confidence in your compliance with all relevant and often complex standards.

Don’t leave it to trial-and-error. Connect with Platinum today, and discover your route to fair housing within the network.