Platinum Property Partners (PPP) encourage the entire network to come together at least twice a year - to share a wealth of industry information, new insights and top tips! The aim of this is to increase our Franchise Partners' property investment knowledge, decrease their costs and improve their proposition altogether! At these events we have guest speakers, specialised workshop sessions and social evenings – where we celebrate the amazing achievements that our Franchise Partners have accomplished!

Our National Workshop last week was brilliant – it was great to see so many of our fantastic Franchise Partners, Power Team members and PPP Staff there, especially as everyone seemed so focused and determined to make this year a huge success!

We changed it up a bit this time - by introducing bespoke sessions in which our Franchise Partners could choose to attend throughout the two days. We felt that this would give them the option to tailor their experience based on their level of experience and areas of interest - and found that it went down a treat!

We had some impressive speakers...

Will Higham presented an interesting talk about the middle-youth market and property, with a particular focus on how their new attitudes have completely transformed the way we approach the industry.

Award-winning freelance journalist, Oliver Pickup, addressed how to enable tenants through technology and the importance of 'home working'.

Jon Treanor, our Keynote Guest Speaker discussed empowerment and betterness initiatives!

We'd like to take this time, to thank them for their talks!

Not forgetting... our Hollywood themed Awards Dinner, where we had alot of fun: