According to American businessman and author Tony Robbins, humans have the desire and are motivated to fulfil six basic human needs. These are: Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

It is possible to take positive steps to address multiple needs within the same actions or processes, including when selecting the right business or franchise.

So when evaluating your options, consider whether you'll achieve the ultimate satisfaction by determining which of the basic human needs are most important to you and how you can fulfil them.

1. Certainty is needed so that there is a level of grounding within your life and a base to return to if you feel your path is being diverted off. In business, you should be looking for a proven track-record and success rates so that you can feel comfortable that your decision is likely to get you where you want to be. Franchising allows you to start your own business while following a tried and tested business model, adding a level of security that going out on your own simply can't provide.

2. Variety is the second basic human need. This may seem contradictory to the first, but it is important to achieve a balance between certainty and variety so that you don't get bored or feel demotivated. Think about how you can achieve good variety in your business. It might be that you have the ability to work flexible hours; that every day will be different; or that you'll be learning and using new skills.

3. Most of us need to have a feeling of significance - that what we are doing is having an impact. Significance can be interpreted differently by different people, however. Some may crave recognition from others, while others may only want to create a sense of identity and personal achievement. It is that associated 'kudos' which gives meaning to our actions and can also be the fuel for them continuing. A good way of gaining a feeling of significance can be to build something up yourself, see a project through from conception to finish and grow as a person along the way while inspiring others to want to do the same.

4. Love and Connection is necessary in the form of communication and unity with other human beings. You want to feel loved and need to belong. Inevitably the best way to ensure this is to make time for other people in your life. This is much easier when you work for yourself and can make that time. A surprising benefit that a lot of franchisees don't realise before joining an organisation is that the community element is one of the most valuable assets of the business system, and can often result in lifelong friendships with like-minded people.

5. Growth may seem like a general term which encompasses some of the other needs mentioned. However, it is meant here in a more introspective definition. Despite the general perception being that those looking to start their own business are looking for financial and professional growth, it's more often the case that they want to grow personally too. Owning and operating your own business inevitably requires learning new skills and emotions, and this sense of taking control can often reveal hidden talents and passions that wouldn't have come to the surface otherwise.

6. The sixth and final basic human need is contribution. While other needs have focused on how you can improve aspects of your own personality and lifestyle, this showcases the need to contribute to the work and happiness of others. It can also be linked to significance, because people like to be valued. A big part of why franchises are so successful is the collaborative ethos of the network as a whole. Working with others enables you to contribute as well as learn, improving the skills of the group as a whole. As a franchisee you also contribute to making the lives of your customers better by providing a quality product or service.

A good way to assess any future decisions in your life can be to evaluate how many of these six basic human needs they fulfil. Be honest with yourself and ask if a particular action will benefit your personal and/or professional life in the long-term.

Franchising can be a good business option if certainty is a high priority, and many franchises will also enable you to fulfil all of these needs. All you need to do is gain some perspective as to what you really need before you can work out how you'll achieve it.