According to American businessman and author Tony Robbins, humans have the desire and motivation to fulfil six basic human needs – both in their personal and professional lives.

At Platinum Property Partners, we are all about work-life balance. While we want our franchisees to build successful businesses, we also want them to enjoy the process. So, when evaluating your business opportunities, consider whether you will achieve the ultimate satisfaction by determining which of these basic human needs are most important to you, and how you can fulfil them.


While Benjamin Franklin may have had a point when he said the only certain things in life are death and taxes, fortunately, we are able to achieve some degree of certainty in other areas, too. In business, for example, you can follow a tried-and-tested system that is supported by a proven track record and success rates, so that you can feel comfortable that your decision will likely get you where you want to be. Platinum Property Partners has combined the security of franchising with property, a robust and high-performing asset class. Franchising can be a good business option if certainty is a high priority for you.


Is there anything worse than monotony? Doing… the… same… thing… every… day…? Variety will keep you from getting bored or feeling demotivated. Investing in property definitely provides variety. One day you might be viewing properties, the next you could be managing a refurbishment. A property business also gives you the flexibility to be creative and work hours that suit you.


Most people need to feel that what they are doing has an impact. Some may crave recognition from others, while others may only want to create a sense of identity and personal achievement. When investing in a specialist buy-to-let model, you’ll feel a sense of achievement at having built a business from scratch, but also receive recognition from your tenants who love living in the homes you have created for them. Win-win.

Love and Connection

Love and connection come from regular communication with others. When you work for yourself, making time for other people in your life is much easier as you have an element of control (“Sure I can help you with your homework”… “Let’s pop to Paris this weekend”… “Tell me about your day”). The community that exists within Platinum Property Partners is one of the most valuable assets of the business system, and usually results in lifelong friendships with like-minded people.


It’s been said that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. While those who start their own business are likely looking for financial and professional growth, they are often seeking personal growth as well. Operating your own business means you’ll not only learn new skills, but with a flexible property business, you’ll also have time to pursue other passions and interests. Round of golf, anyone?


Everyone likes to feel they’ve made a contribution. At Platinum Property Partners, we encourage you to work with others as your knowledge and experience develops. Giving back charitably is also a core part of our philosophy: be more, do more, have more and give more.