With the continued rise in demand for rental accommodation and prices on the increase, our Franchise Partners have all the more to gain from the growing rental market with the room by room rental basis increasing profit from the outset.

So far over £50 million worth of HMO property has been purchased by our Franchise Partners in 55 towns and cities in UK, with occupancy levels at 97%.

The Pros:

  • Market leading profits from rental income with yields between 12% and 28%!
  • Double to quadruple as much rental profit than any other buy to let strategy
  • Even property novices can make the model work with the systems and support offered by Platinum Property Partners
  • All the big risks have been eliminated for you
  • It is a great stepping stone into other areas of property – e.g. trading, development and commercial property
  • You are buying larger assets with superb capital growth potential
  • It is the fast-track to financial freedom through property

The Cons:

  • Large HMOs consume a lot of cash – Typically between £60K and £145K per HMO, PPP recommends that you need a minimum of £300,000 of equity, liquid funds or other investments to really be able to build your own HMO property business.
  • They can be harder to manage - 4 to 12 tenants per property vs. 1 tenant per property
  • A HMO with more than 3 rooms MUST have planning permission

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