HMO’s (House in Multiple Occupation) are not a new housing concept however not everyone is up to date with all the regulations and licencing when thinking about becoming a landlord of an HMO.

For example, when a council is deciding on whether to grant an HMO licence for a property, they typically consider the following:

• the suitability of the HMO for the number of occupiers

• the suitability of the facilities within the HMO, such as minimum room sizes, number of toilets, bathrooms and the amount of kitchen facilities provided

• the suitability of the landlord and/or the managing agent to manage the HMO

• the general suitability of managing arrangements

When a landlord or agent is granted a licence, it will come with conditions attached to ensure that the standards are maintained. These are mandatory conditions which require the licence holder to:

• produce an annual gas safety certificate

• keep electrical appliances and furniture supplied by the landlord in a safe condition and to supply declarations of their safety to the local council on demand

• install smoke alarms and keep them in proper working order and to supply to the local council, on demand, a declaration of their positioning and condition

• give the occupiers a statement of the terms on which they occupy the HMO

The council may also specify conditions such as those relating to the facilities in the HMO, its condition and the management of the building, including how the licence holder deals with the behaviour of occupiers.

Each council has the authority and discretion to set its own HMO licensing and amenity standards which must be complied with.

Typically, once a licence has been granted it is valid for a maximum of five years.

Licensing is not optional

You need to have a licence and there are serious consequences for not having a one. This could include a custodial sentence, an unlimited fine and having to pay back rental income and being banned from operating as a landlord in the future.

So, it’s definitely worth checking out what you need in advance of purchasing a property with the intent to change it into a multi room dwelling.

Platinum Property Partners work with each and every one of franchise partners to ensure that there isn’t a risk of such consequences.

Striving for the highest standards and adhering to all planning and licensing requirements whether mandatory, additional or selective is something that we do as part of our daily commitment to our franchise partners.