Don’t fall foul of ‘not knowing’. Platinum Property Partners (PPP) works closely with its Franchise Partners to ensure they remain legally compliant and are working to the highest standards for their tenants. There are all sorts of potential pitfalls for landlords and this can seem overwhelming at times. However, PPP is dedicated to keeping its Franchise Partners fully up-to-date and secure with its expert knowledge.

Did you know that over and above mandatory licensing, there are two other types of licence that a council can introduce?

Additional Licensing

This is when a council can require a licence for other categories of HMOs (such as smaller HMOs with three or more tenants living there) that are not subject to mandatory licensing. The council can do this if it considers that a significant proportion of these HMOs are being managed ineffectively so as to give rise to one or more particular problems, either for the occupants of the HMOs or for members of the public.

Selective Licensing

This can apply to HMOs as well as other dwellings, and can only be introduced if the council is satisfied there are problems with low housing demand or significant and persistent problems of Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) linked to the private rented homes in that area. When assessing ASB, government guidance says that councils should consider crime, nuisance neighbours and environmental crime, and then assess whether landlords are failing to take appropriate action to help resolve the problem.

Being a member of the PPP network can take the worry out of not knowing and provide an invaluable support network. Because a shoulder shrug will not fly with an inspector handing out penalties.