Financial freedom is something that most people aspire to and most people believe that they will achieve this when they become a millionaire.

Gone are the days when most wealthy people become so through luck or inheritance. In fact, the majority of millionaires started off broke, with nothing.

What they did possess, however, was a positive attitude and the desire and determination to succeed and create wealth.

They think differently, do things differently and embrace challenges.

Your best chance of success in business, investment and life in general, therefore, is to adopt the millionaire mentality. Here is how you can start to do just that.

Dream big

For most millionaires, money is not the focus, achieving big dreams is. Money is merely what allows them to live those dreams.

Imagine your ideal life and picture where you want to be in five years' time.

What house would you like to live in and what car would you like to drive? Do you have specific aspirations for your family? Would you like to have the time to do more charity work?

If you only focus on how difficult it is to achieve your dreams, then you will most likely fail to achieve them. Think positively and have a clear vision. And, constantly reviewing your progress will ensure you stay on track.

Embrace learning

Average people with average intelligence can create significant wealth if they have the right attitude.

It's important not to be complacent and assume that nobody is better or smarter than you. I'm a true believer of the old saying 'the more you learn, the more you earn'.

Surrounding yourself with other successful people will teach you a lot and you should always strive for something better. You won't learn wealth creation strategies from people who aren't wealthy themselves.

Do what you love to do

Success will be much easier to achieve if you work for something you believe in.

Think about what you enjoy to do and how you can turn that into a profitable business. If you enjoy your work, you'll see it more as a hobby and have a true passion for succeeding.

Working will therefore be challenging and fun, not tedious and boring.

See yourself as a business owner

Millionaires don't work for the benefit of someone else's dream, they control their own destiny.

Having your own business means that you are responsible for the decisions you make and how successful you will be. You are the one that should make things happen and have no one else to take any blame.

Develop a workaholic mentality

We don't have another life, so make the best of it. Wealthy people understand that time is more valuable than money. They buy it, while other people sell it.

If you find yourself watching too much television, imagine what you could achieve in that time if you used it creatively. If you spend hours cleaning, pay someone else to do it - you'll be amazed how much extra money you can make during that time.

The key is to work hard and smart. Do what you are good at and use a team of people to fill in the gaps.

Commit to excellence

Everyone who is in the top 10% started in the bottom 10%. If you do the same thing today, you'll get the same thing tomorrow.

Whatever business you are in, be the best in the field.

Have multiple income streams

Wealthy people don't spend money, they invest it and always look for ways to get the best return. This won't happen with one flash in the pan business idea that takes off.

Find a successful and primary source of income. This will enable you to experiment with other things and eventually create a number of revenue streams. In turn, this provides you with a sense of security.


What all of the evidence and research shows, is that if you don't do some of this, you won't be successful in any field.

You can be well educated, but poor. Who you are as a person is important to your success. You need to think positively, have the right attitude, use time effectively and have something to aim for.

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