Having concerns about the model working in your area? Or worried that planning issues might get in the way? Not to worry, PPP’s tried and tested business model runs in over 200 towns and cities across England.

Whilst house prices are on the increase, requiring more initial investment, the high demand for rental accommodation is driving rents up. PPP’s room by room rental, is a great way to increase your profits further. The model teaches you how to develop professional high quality, low cost, shared accommodation, in the right locations all over England. The graphic below demonstrates where our Franchise Partners have invested and built their own successful property portfolios:

With many other HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) not meeting these standards, PPP landlords are in a unique position to offer the quality that people want at affordable prices, whilst still generating a fantastic rate of return on their investment.

The only limitation in some areas would be Article 4’s, which remove the permitted development rights in specific geographical zones, but PPP are there to support you in finding somewhere within 20-60 minutes of where you live!

Download our full HMO property guide – 7 Steps to HMO Success in 2018 here – which begins to show you how you can generate a lifelong annual income of £50,000 – £150,000 from our proven specialist franchise model.