You may have heard it said before if you’re familiar with PPP, but our philosophy to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More is embedded in everything we do.

The phrase was coined by our Founder and Chairman, Steve Bolton, who is committed to encouraging people to practise these values and be better, in life and in business, through personal development workshops.

Just last week, Steve hosted one of these workshops for our Partners in Birmingham. It focussed on giving people tips, tricks and techniques which can help them save time and overcome challenges in record time. He also covered Steven Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ and how to create your personal manifesto.

A fan of icebreaker sessions, Steve made sure everyone got into the spirit of things by giving two teams the challenge of making the longest line of clothes – luckily it was warm weather and nudity was avoided! Although this was great fun, it was of course an exercise with a meaning – never commit to something until you fully understand what you are being asked to do!

Then it was down to business. The intense yet very enjoyable day explored:

  • How making efficient choices in life can help you maximise the potential of your time and energy.
  • How to set personal values and goals, from both a short and long-term perspective.
  • The best way to stick to personal manifestos and focus on your goals.

More than 30 Partners attended the event. Here is some of their feedback.

Dipak Dave

“Fun, inspiring, practical. This course delivered at every level. I would highly recommend it.”

Lynne Allen

“A valuable, creative day; fun and challenging; inspiring and a bit scary; enlightening and powerful. It reminded me what I can do and what I want to do.”

Lindsay Ludman

“Amazing! I have found out more in one short day about my core beliefs and goals and where I want to go than in years of reflecting. Totally motivating – thank you.”

Simon Jeffries

“An incredibly thought-provoking day. Fantastic content. Everyone really does need to do more on goal setting and personal development.”

Ania Jeffries

“A truly inspirational workshop. Exceeded all of my expectations (and they were high)! I am now focussed on my goals for 2014 and more importantly, am accountable to another Partner for them. Just fabulous!”

Alex Elsey

“A great opportunity to step back from the runway and look at core values and our overall mission and break it down to a good level. Great, open-minded workshop for all. Thanks Steve!”

Len Blissett

“I was a bit apprehensive about the workshop because of the slump I found myself in, however the day was brilliant. I learnt so much more than just reading from a book on my own. The information gained has reset me back on a track with PPP and the motivational value was great.”

Carol McEvoy

“I regard personal development as a big part of my PPP journey – there’s much more to financial freedom and a happy and successful life than buying houses.”

Paul Watson

“The Personal Development Workshop was invaluable to help us step back, reflect and structure our thoughts, personal mission statements, core values and goals. The day was truly inspirational and at the same time, pragmatic and practical. Thanks Steve.”

Vashti Bedwell

“I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough ideas to put forward and would find it hard to ‘think’ about my goals. Being able to share other people’s ideas and talk freely about goals and visions has helped break down my own personal goal barriers. Having a follow up will help me keep on track.”