This week is National Work-Life Week. Organised by Working Families - the UK’s leading charity dedicated to helping working parents, carers and employers improve the balance between responsibilities at home and work – the event aims to encourage employees and employers to think about how they can better manage their personal and professional lives.

But how easy is it to really achieve the perfect work-life balance?

We’d all like to be able to switch our phones off and not take work home with us, or have a job that doesn’t require hours of commuting each day, but this is often an unrealistic aspiration.

The need to earn a decent income to provide for our families, our futures and our lifestyles is often one that comes before the desire to improve our work-life balance.

At Platinum Property Partners, we can help you change the way you work and the way work fits in with the rest of your life. Working hours that suit you gives you the freedom to spend more time having fun, doing the things that you enjoy.

With the support of our expert team, you can use our proven residential buy-to-let model to build your own business that generates an income for life.

Here’s how just a few of our Partners have improved their work-life balance since joining PPP.

Mike Anderson -“Now, not only do I have a healthy monthly income, but the best thing is that I now have the lifestyle I could never have achieved previously. These days it’s a question of how long would we like to be away for rather than if I can get the time off.”

Tony and Angie Mott - “Joining Platinum Property Partners has certainly delivered on improving both our lifestyle and our financial security. We’re not tied down to a 9-5 job and have a lot more free time to spend with the family, go away at short notice or pursue other interests. Tony certainly has more motor biking holidays now!”

Chris Tapp - “PPP enabled me to escape the corporate rate race and have the freedom to live the life that I want. My portfolio meets my income needs and has addresses my pension shortfall.”

Andrew and Julie Paris - “Our lifestyle has changed dramatically and sort of unexpectedly. We were looking for a property investment model, not really a change in lifestyle, but since getting up and running with our property business, we’ve both given up work and have a property manager who does a lot of the day to day stuff. So it’s really freed up our time to do the things we want to do rather than the things we have to do.”

Find out how we can help you achieve the right work-life balance and earn an income for life.