Monday 27th March will mark the start of HMO Week with Platinum Property Partners.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are increasingly becoming a rented tenure of choice for many tenants across the UK, not only because they provide a more affordable option, but also because it offers a more social and convenient way of living.

This type of buy-to-let model also generates up to four times as much rental income for landlords when compared to single-tenancy properties. As a result, more property investors are looking to invest in HMOs as a way of achieving higher returns and protecting their property businesses against potential rising costs.

Ahead of the official launch date, Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes talks to our founder, Steve Bolton about the year ahead for the HMO market.

In this insightful interview, Steve talks about why investors are turning to the HMO model, the difference in financial benefits between low and high quality properties and challenges facing the sector. He also warns that the HMO market is slowly but surely becoming a place for professional landlords, and not amateurs.

Throughout all of next week, we will be sharing lots of video content from experienced HMO landlords within the Platinum Property Partners network which will include top tips for building and managing a successful HMO portfolio.

Topics to be covered include which locations and types of properties are suitable for HMO investment, planning and licensing considerations, refurbishment advice and the importance of finding the right tenants.

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And thank you to all of our contributors - Alison Broderick, Gertie Owen, David Brant, Kevin Lucyszen, Kim Thorogood, Mike Dixon, Rachel Lewis, Clare Hedgecox and Ed Bembridge.