We’ve heard that comment many times over the past 3 years.

Of course, all our Franchise Partners are involved with PPP to make money and create financial freedom for themselves and their families. But there’s something far more exciting and rewarding about this group of like-minded people...

They are having fun!

They enjoy being part of a community of high calibre individuals that benefits from regular PPP training, networking and social events. What you need to know is that Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the world’s first, and currently, only property investment franchise. It has been designed to bring together an exclusive community of high net worth individuals who are looking for secure and alternative ways to create or expand a diversified and market-beating property investment portfolio.

And to date, 85 of them have become PPP Franchise Partners, making PPP the fastest-growing UK franchise of all time… Faster than McDonaldsfaster than Burger Kingfaster than Starbucks…

“Because it’s a franchise, others have made all the mistakes and gained all the experience for us, so we can hit the ground running. It would take you years and many £1000's in mistakes to get where we are already!”

Nicky Ruggier, Poole

“It’s all about the people! The calibre of PPP’s founders is world-class. They are knowledgeable, innovative and of the highest integrity. They are having fun – and it’s infectious! I couldn’t believe that making money could be so much fun!”

Steve Hogan, Aylesbury

Yes, something extraordinary is driving people to PPP and convincing them that the investment is not only secure, but will provide them with regular monthly income and outstanding capital growth potential.

PPP Franchise Partners achieve market-leading average gross profits of £14,500 per property, per annum from rental income, after having paid the mortgage, bills, maintenance and other property operating costs. This equates to gross yields of between 12% and 28%. Franchise Partners are expected to achieve income, before tax, in excess of £100,000 per annum and hold a portfolio valued in excess of £3 million in less than 5 years. A number of PPP Franchise Partners have already achieved this goal, or are well on their way to it.

“During one of the most turbulent times in our financial history I have generated superb, market-leading returns. PPP’s extensive knowledge of the property world and ability to discover and embrace new ideas enables them to push out the boundaries and stay ahead of the field.”

Philip Easter, Former Worldwide Finance Director, Norwich Union and Aviva PLC, PPP Franchise Partner and Platinum Partners Group Non-Executive Chairman

Earn £100k per annum – and own a £3 million portfolio

Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, come and discover why more than 85 of the UK’s savviest property investors are now following PPP’s tried and tested strategies and why we expect them to own a £3 million property portfolio and earn £100,000 pa in less than 5 years.

Integrity, openness and transparency – combined with excellent results

Since 2007, Platinum Property Partners has established itself as one of the leading property investment organisations in the UK, thanks to our robust strategies and proven results. And that’s not all... Having integrity, openness and transparency in everything we do makes us a little different from the rest, too.