Last month UK Finance produced their mortgage market forecast for 2018, which is produced annually and represents UK banks.

The content of the report directly affects the whole property market, including the Platinum Property Partners specialised HMO business model.

There is a lot of important information within the report, but several points rise to the top as the key highlights:

In general, there is more optimism about the next two years than there was twelve months ago

There is a buoyant, active and competitive market for accessing funding with 36,200 mortgages advanced to existing homeowners. This is a rise of 17% - much higher than anticipated and great news for Platinum Franchise Partners and potential future partners who are growing, or starting, their portfolios by refinancing residential properties.

Statistics support market observations that Buy-to-Let activity has been weaker and is back at levels from 2012

With little indication that this will recover in the next couple of years, it suggests that accidental/amateur landlords are going to be increasingly less prevalent - the market is less attractive to those without training and ongoing support - and subsequently there are increased opportunities for the professional landlord.

Most positively, rents being paid to private landlords in Britain rose by 1.2% during 2017

Whilst landlords are experiencing more challenges through legislative and tax changes, the market continues to rise and with the support of Platinum Property Partners, those challenges can be understood, overcome and potential risks mitigated.

These key highlights demonstrate that overall there is a positive outlook for the professional specialist buy-to-let market for 2018. Partnered with the right training and support, it could still prove to be a very profitable and sustainable business model.

If you would like to know more about starting your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your circumstances with you in more detail, just call us on 01202 652 101.

You can read the full UK mortgage market forecast report here: