Today, the entire world will be encouraged to smile to mark the International Day of Happiness - one day of the year we are officially entitled to be happy and actively encouraged to pursue contentment.

When the UN Convention of Human Rights announced its overarching ambition to promote and pursue its members' right to happiness, it seemed, to many, quite an unusual announcement.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon proclaimed happiness as 'serious business', going so far as to say: "Happiness for the entire human family is one of the main goals of the United Nations." And it's true that focusing our energies on achieving this outwardly simplistic ambition can influence how we approach our professional and personal lives.

Yes, despite decades of economic growth and democratisation, we are no happier than we were 60 years ago, which just goes to prove that money is not the key to happiness. In fact, one of the major causes of unhappiness is the failure to achieve one's goals.

At Platinum Property Partners, our mission is to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More and we encourage others to do the same. We don't just provide people with a business opportunity, but through this, help people to achieve their broader goals in life.

This is why we ensure everyone who wants to join us completes a goals and needs analysis and creates a vision board for their future. We want to know what they really want and need in their life to feel secure and content and make sure that we can provide the right vehicle for them to achieve that.

So what does our mission mean and how can it result in happiness for our Partners?

Be more - This is about being more than just a property investor but aiming higher; using an income vehicle to provide people with the freedom to be the person they've always wanted to be.

Do more - We want to help people make the most of every opportunity in business and in life. And we want to help people overcome whatever obstacles may present themselves so they can work towards their perfect work-life balance and spend more time doing the things they enjoy. Perhaps they might even want to try something new.

Have more - Money, security, freedom, choice, fun and time. That's what we want for people.

Give more - In a professional sense, we believe in 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' and reaching down to those less experienced to give them a helping hand up. In a personal sense, it's about supporting those in need through fundraising, donation, and offering your time and expertise.

Our mission is central to everything we do and most recently, we've even held health and wellbeing breakout sessions at our National Workshops. Success and happiness is not just about professional development, but personal development too.

Coincidentally, our mission is not that far removed from the Action for Happiness Pledge, which recommends ten key steps to happier living:

- Do things for others

- Connect with people

- Take care of your body

- Live mindfully

- Keep learning new things

- Have goals strive for

- Find ways to bounce back

- Look for what's good

- Be comfortable with who you are

- Be part of something bigger

So, as you can see, personal and professional happiness is closely linked and goal setting is key.

As International Day of Happiness today looms, think about what you can do to get in the spirit. From organising your business to organising your personal effects, pulling together an achievable one, five and 10 year plan and keeping sight of your priorities will help you reach further while reminding you just how far you've come.