As Mark Victor Hansen put it, 'your network equals your net worth.' He believes that, to be a success, you have to surround yourself with people who have the same professional and personal goals.

In business, franchising ticks this box beautifully.

Yes, you're following proven business principles and systems. But it's the sharing of information, the support and guidance provided and the sense of belonging - that being part of a network allows - makes a real difference to your success.

Being in business for yourself, but not by yourself, means you can utilise the experience and support of others to help you grow your business, and ultimately, your net worth.

At Platinum Property Partners (PPP), we recognise that there is significant strength in numbers. That's why we consider our network to be our single biggest asset.

While our specialist buy-to-let model is proven to generate a lifelong income and increase our Franchise Partners' net worth through capital growth and tax-efficient business structures, we understand that it's the effective combination of 1,000 years' experience within the network that facilitates this.

This is credited to our team at head office, our nationwide network of coaches, mentors and property experts, and of course, our 350+ Franchise Partners.

But don't take our word for it.

Results from an independent and confidential survey revealed that: alongside our business model meeting or exceeding 94% of our Franchise Partners' expectations within two years, an incredible 97% believe the network is the biggest benefit of being part of PPP.

Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of PPP, says that: "For me personally, having a sharing culture is the most important aspect within the PPP community. Without our Partners and their willingness to help others who may not be as experienced or as far into their portfolio development, we wouldn't be where we are now. The network is a vital part of our business model and mentoring strategy."

We pride ourselves on being an investor network - one that both gives and receives help and knowledge. This has enabled our Franchise Partners to not only develop their businesses and increase their net worth but also in their everyday lives.

Can you increase your net worth by joining the right network? Take the first step by finding out what your net worth is.