We’ve all heard of the three main styles of learning – see it, hear it, do it – but how does Platinum Property Partners (PPP) use this to turn you into a professional property investor?

Whatever you’re learning, whether it be a new hobby or a complicated technical skill, we all need a good mixture of learning styles to take in and retain all of the information. Getting the right balance can be an art form and it is one we have perfected over the years.

See It

Before you even join PPP, we will put you in touch with a huge range of experts, as well as some of our current franchise partners so you get the best advice right from the start. We encourage you to visit their properties and experience the high standard and style of our HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) for yourself. This ‘hands on’ theme continues after you join with our mentors out in the field showing you how it’s done first hand.

Hear It

As well as our one-to-one mentoring, PPP have developed a training and development programme that is second to none. A mixture of short courses, live events and webinars means you get to hear from some of the UK's most knowledgeable HMO experts. From our foundation course when you initially start to our ongoing regional and national events, there is always more to learn.

Do it

One benefit that really sets PPP apart from the other property investment opportunities is the ongoing support. We provide ongoing support throughout the term of your agreement with us. As you gain the experience you need over time, you will have the support of a coach who will be located in your region, as well as a whole team of experts at our Head Office.

PPP gives you a full mentoring journey from your first steps into the world of property until you become a seasoned, professional investor.

See, Hear, Do