Liam & Claire Gallagher joined PPP in March 2014. Liam had found himself at a crossroad in his career and so took the opportunity to look for an alternative way to earn an income, one that would allow him to spend more time with his family and achieve a better quality of life.

Liam had always liked the idea of being in business for himself, but was unsure about the prospect of doing it alone. Due to working in the licensing sector (Walt Disney and Iconix), franchising was an obvious interest and so he decided to attend the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC to explore their options.

Having spent half of the day walking around the show and collecting various catalogues, Liam had decided it was time to rest his legs and have a coffee, at which point he stumbled upon a PPP presentation. He ended up listening to the talk for 15 minutes and found that it challenged all of his prior concerns about franchising in terms of its typical structure.

Liam told us that after the talk, he had found it very difficult to consider a traditional franchise again and so he returned back home to tell Claire all about the PPP opportunity.

At this point, he had felt like a real weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and that they now had the potential to create a solid plan for their long term future.

However, as Claire had not attended the show with him, Liam had to convince her that this was the right opportunity for them. Initially, all Claire could see was that they had to pay a franchise fee and then start buying properties - in part, he agreed with her. He had thought that "surely something so completely different wasn’t quite right?" As such, he effectively started his PPP due diligence and no matter how hard he tried, he said "I just couldn’t find any skeletons in the closet!"

As Claire couldn’t make their Discovery Day, Liam went alone and returned even more enthused. Having listened to existing Franchise Partner’s stories and their backgrounds, it had only convinced him further that this was the right thing to do. "When I saw the calibre of the people who were doing it, particularly of those that came from the financial sector, I knew if they couldn’t blow the numbers up then I had no chance!"

The absolute turning point for Claire was at their Directors Meeting, having already met existing Franchise Partners, Tony and Angie Mott whose situation was, both personally and professionally, very similar to theirs. They believed that if Tony & Angie had done it, then they could also.

"Since then, the whole process has been challenging but rewarding. We’ve been under no pressure at any time to make quick decisions and PPP have been willing to provide all the information we have asked for and guide us along the way".

Five years later, Liam now finds himself attending the NFE but as a PPP Franchise Partner representative. Due to having four successful HMO properties up and running in the Warrington area, Liam now has the experience to be able to help others make the decision as to whether PPP is the right opportunity for them!