Just three weeks into his four week pre-mentoring, Liam Gallagher was one of our newest Partners to attend last month’s National Workshop. In his most recent diary entry, Liam tells us how he found it.

"I've just returned from my first PPP National Workshop and it was fantastic. It was great to connect and meet with so many other Partners – all of whom are at different stages of their PPP journey, with the vast majority being well down the path in front of us! To talk with them in detail about their experiences was not only extremely useful, but great fun too.

At the same time, it did make me realise that “this is it - it’s actually happening!” Being around so many existing Partners was certainly inspiring, even if it did jingle the nerves a little for next week – our purchase mentoring!

With the workshop being one week prior to our purchase mentoring, it was a great opportunity to meet our purchase mentor, Andrew McMullan. As we are also working with a number of PPP’s Power Team contacts, initial face-to-face meetings were also scheduled with all of them and only added to the benefits of attending the workshop.

As we are currently three weeks into pre-mentoring, we certainly still have lots of ‘blank pages’. Attending the workshop was a further part of our knowledge building and so a number of pages were duly filled. For us, all of the presentations and content were certainly of use whether it be for now, soon or later on in our journey.

I thought Kriss Akabusi did a great job. I’ve seen a lot of motivational speakers over the years, some better than others. Many of them have energised their audience, but all too often it is clear that most are working from a well established script. Whilst Kriss undoubtedly brought energy to the room, he had clearly done his homework on PPP and so was able to deliver his message in a relevant way to the PPP audience. He was happy to flex his presentation and ensure maximum engagement, which was no mean feat considering he had the ‘graveyard shift’ – i.e. end of day one when some people may already have one eye on the bar!

On the afternoon of day two, I attended the passive investment workshop. I must admit that I didn’t think it would be overly useful for as we are some way from considering passive investment. Whilst some of the detail did go over my head, I clearly understood that the sooner that we start to plan for the passive investment, the better position that we will be in – not preparing until we actually need passive investment will be too late. That said, it will have to wait a few weeks for now as I anticipate an extremely busy few weeks is just about upon us …"

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