Want to modify your property but can’t face filling in yet another form to gain permission? Good news! You may not have to.

Planning permission and consent is sought through a variety of different applications. Depending on the proposal, some works can be carried out without needing any prior consent from your local planning authority (LPA). This is achieved through the use of Permitted Development (PD) Rights.

These allow some small-scale householder developments to take place without the need for planning permission, in essence outside of local plans and guidance. The types of developments typically allowed are single-storey side and rear extensions, garage conversions and loft conversions, but these must be within certain size limits and subject to other constraints. Some changes of use are also allowed under PD rights.

As with anything when it comes to managing or modifying your property, always check what’s legally required before taking any action. Platinum Property Partners (PPP) helps its Franchise Partners with this so they can stay legally compliant and ahead of the curve. Which is invaluable in this ever-changing world of regulations.