Platinum Property Partners put more skin in the game by buying out award-winning property franchise

Premium property investment franchise, Platinum Property Partners (PPP), has been acquired by a group of long-standing franchisees as the network commits to growing its provision of high-yielding and high-quality Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) across England.

Five franchise partners have come together to invest over a quarter of a million pounds to take ownership of PPP and invest in the future sustainability and success of the business.

Since being established in 2007, PPP has supported over 390 people to create highly profitable property portfolios, comprising 1,300 shared homes for more than 8,000 tenants. As of the end of 2021, the franchise had collectively generated £237 million in rental income and achieved £43 million in capital growth.

The equal shareholders have over 50 years’ combined experienced within the franchise, with some having an extensive background in property and company directorships prior to that. Together, they own the same amount of HMOs – c.50 – and have all played an integral role in the recruitment, training and mentoring of landlords in the network as well as the evolution and development of the business itself.

Having all developed their own successful PPP portfolios through an array of legislative, tax and economic challenges, the new Board of Directors offer existing and new franchisees an added level of confidence.

With immediate effect, the new owners are Paul Watson, Jon Rose, Parminder Dost, Mike Hedgecox and Paul Kutchera.

The announcement comes just months after the franchise celebrated its 15th birthday in 2022 and with Head Office staff, coaches and mentors remaining in place, the network will continue to benefit from the specialist knowledge of an experienced team.

Jon Rose, who has been a franchise partner with Lindsay Ludman since 2010, and has a portfolio of 18 HMOs in Kent, says

“Having been a longstanding franchise partner, and having involvement in around 90 franchisees joining PPP, I have always been very passionate about this business and the partner community that has been created around it. PPP significantly changed Lindsay’s and my family’s lives for the better and has given us financial security for the long term.

“After a period of underinvestment, with the right ownership structure now in place, I feel that we have the chance to revitalise and develop the PPP franchise further.

“The HMO property investment model has proven itself to be a robust one, but as the level of investment to do it properly is high, not making mistakes in those early properties has never been so important. Together with this, ensuring you have support in creating a profitable and sustainable property business for the future has huge benefits - this is where the PPP franchise will continue to come into its own and I am confident that we can grow the network of FPs further and take them from strength to strength.

“I want to ensure other families can take advantage of the opportunities we have had long into the future.”

Woking-based Paul Watson and his wife, Carol, joined the franchise in 2014. He says:

“Prior to joining PPP, I was in an international corporate career with all the stress, strain and politics that that can bring. We wanted to run our own business, but at the same time be a part of something, a community, and have people to work with and have support from if needed.

“Joining PPP has changed our lives - educated us, and elevated our understanding and skills to a much higher level on property investment, property development, property management, family financial planning, and (of course) the day-today running of a business. These skills are not easy to learn without being part of a franchise where the learning is structured and you have support throughout a journey.

“We have now acquired PPP to develop this even further going forward. There are many challenges facing the private rented sector (PRS) today, not least of which include the possible abolishment of Section 21s, discussions around Council Tax banding, possible rent controls and the ongoing legislative and tax changes.

“We will be at the forefront of helping our franchise community navigate through these challenges so that their property businesses are being optimised in every way. The HMO market has certainly changed in the decade since we have been part of the franchise, and the new team will be evolving our model and support for all of our partners to make it even more relevant for the next decade.”

Also franchise partners since 2014, Mike and Clare Hedgecox invest in the Oxfordshire area. Mike says:

“Joining PPP has been one of the most lifechanging decisions that my wife and I have made. We have achieved the freedom that was simply not possible in the corporate world. Not only have we made many new friends, but we’ve joined a truly inspiring community.

“I firmly believe in giving back and helping others, and my motivation for being involved in this next stage of PPP’s evolution is to ensure we help change more peoples’ lives through offering a unique support programme to new franchise partners and also continue in our mission to provide more high-quality and safe accommodation for young people, thereby making a real difference to the communities in which we live.”

Parminder Dost joined the franchise in 2012 and invests in Hertfordshire. He says:

“Joining PPP was the best decision I made. It’s been a stimulating journey on which I have learned a lot and achieved a financial position where I can choose what to do next.

“Having seen the PPP business grow over the past years, I see a great opportunity to build an even better thriving and engaged community. Keeping all the things that work and innovating to meet the changing needs of the current market and business environment.”

Paul Kutchera, who joined the franchise in 2013 with his wife Emma and invests in Orpington, Kent, says:

“My wife and I became franchise partners 10 years ago and it has been a life-changing experience for us. The financial stability and freedom we've gained through our partnership has allowed us to do so much more for our family. But what's even more rewarding is being part of the PPP community and being a part of something bigger than just making money.

“I still strongly believe that the franchise can have the same impact on other families, and I'm thrilled to welcome new partners into our wonderful community. The team is dedicated to supporting its franchise partners and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and I'm eager to help others experience the same level of success my wife and I have achieved.

“I'm excited to see what the future holds for us and for the franchise as a whole.”