Samantha Wedge from the accounts department at Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is set to complete her first full marathon this weekend in aid of Alzheimer's Research UK.

Originally inspired by one of PPP's directors, Richard Davies, who founded the Team Awesome running club, Samantha completed her first half marathon last October here in Bournemouth and has been training hard in preparation for the 36th annual London Marathon.

"Running a marathon was always an aspiration of mine", said Samantha. "But it wasn't until Team Awesome was formed and groups of us started running before work that I had the courage to take the plunge and take on the challenge."

Team Awesome was founded by Richard in the summer of 2015 to promote fitness and wellbeing within the company and network of franchise partners. In October last year, Samantha organised a charity run for Children in Need and a total of 36 people ran a combined distance of 376 miles. And in January this year, PPP held its first ever fitness and wellbeing breakout session at its National Workshop, which resulted in more than 20 members of staff and Partners participating in a 5k run the following day.

Throughout her marathon training, Samantha has been supported by Richard and Team Awesome, receiving essential tips to help her improve her stamina and even a very useful Fitbit. She's even overcome injuries to ensure that she will be fit enough when the time comes on Sunday 24th April.

Samantha is running the London Marathon in memory of her Grandmother, who sadly passed away from Alzheimer's disease aged 73 in November 2013.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, which describes a set of symptoms that can include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. People start to lose the ability to do the simple things in life; such as making a cup of tea or laying the table for dinner. As the disease progresses, their memory loss becomes more frequent and issues with communication, reasoning and orientation become more severe.

Samantha commented on why she is running for Alzheimer's Research UK: "I cannot explain how upsetting it is to witness this disease slowly take over someone's life, especially when that day comes when they no longer recognise you.

"It is important that we find a cure for Alzheimer's disease or at least delay the onset. I also think it's paramount that those caring for their loved ones receive the support and guidance they require."

Platinum Property Partner's philosophy is to encourage people to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More. The company, its staff and franchise Partners are therefore committed to giving back in many ways, including sharing their knowledge and expertise with others and raising money for various charities.

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