Property is no longer a man’s world – here’s just three of our Partners who are living proof of that.

Despite all having different motivations for getting into the property market, they all have one thing in common – they have each successfully built their own specialist buy-to-let business that gives them a lifelong income.

‘I replaced my salary in four years’ - Cathy Colston, Bath

Despite first dipping my toe into the buy-to-let water in 2005 after inheriting a commercial property in Cardiff, it wasn’t until four years ago that I looked at property investing as a route to financial freedom.

I’d worked for Boots for 22 years, most recently as Head of the Pharmacy Division commuting weekly to Nottingham from Bath. I decided I wanted to improve my work/life balance and so I left my job and focused on my passion for property!

This is when one of my mentors recommended I join PPP. After intense due diligence, I realised that this was a company that would really help me take my buy-to-let business to the next level. PPP gave me a structured support system and robust investment model that would enable me to maximise my returns.

PPP has changed my life. Not only do I now have a tried and tested formula to follow that has helped me to replace my salary, but I’ve developed personally with PPP in ways that I would never have imagined.

‘I can now be a good mum and a career woman’ –Amanda Staton, Hounslow

Becoming a mum made me realise that I wanted a job that would fit in with my family life. I left my career in consumer sales behind me and spent a year hectically juggling consultancy work with my family life.

But I knew I couldn’t be the kind of hands-on mum I wanted to be while working long hours and commuting to and from clients. I still wanted to work in some way, and contribute to the family’s income, so I needed to find a business opportunity that would fit around the children and our lifestyle.

With PPP I’d found a business that would allow me to earn a good income while spending time with the children. What’s more, the properties would be mine and my husband’s and would mean we were building a solid legacy for the children.

I joined in 2012 and haven’t looked back. I have three highly profitable properties up and running and a fourth in development. Being my own boss gives me the freedom to work the hours that I choose, which is really great for family life.

‘I went from inexperienced housewife to HMO Landlord of the Year’ – Gertie Owen

After being a housewife for 23 years, both my children had left home and I was feeling very redundant, and maybe even suffering from ‘empty-nest syndrome’.

I had absolutely no experience in any kind of property investment and I was looking for the best to teach me. When I found PPP it was just what I’d been looking for. They not only provided me with unrivalled training, support and guidance whenever I needed it, but also taught me everything I needed to know about being a great landlord and how to run a great business.

Since joining three and a half years ago, I have exceeded my financial goal, which was to have a portfolio worth around £2million and a net income of £100,000 a year after all costs. And I was delighted to be awarded the accolade of HMO Landlord of the Year in 2013.

If someone like me, with little knowledge or confidence, can be successful working in Partnership with PPP, then I’m absolutely certain that other people can do the same.

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