Property experts discuss the future for their partners

At Platinum, our community of Franchise Partners and their success, is at the heart of everything we do. So, in June, we delivered the second of our inspirational and insightful 2-day, National Conferences, a highlight of our events programme. Franchise Partners were entertained and educated by a diverse range of keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and supplier meetings, and, because all work and no play makes life dull, we danced the night away to a 70s/80s summer live band and evening BBQ.

When it comes to being with people who get you and your business, nothing sharpens your business mind better than coming together to hear from industry experts and sharing best practice, within a trusted community. Which is why our network of Platinum franchise partners excel at what they do!

Every year, we hold two National Conferences, uniting our partners, with leading experts who can offer them core insights into the House(s) of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and Co-Living sector. June’s Summer Conference, navigated meaty topics like:

  • Market trends and influences
  • Commercial opportunities
  • The future of planning and sustainability
  • How to make the maximise successful lettings
  • What the economic outlook for our industry looks like

In giving practical advice to Platinum’s partners around core topics such as, debt recovery, housemate screening and referencing, we’re empowering them for the future. We also had exclusive keynote sessions from industry thought-leaders: TV property expert, journalist & author, Martin Roberts, and leading behavioural economist, Roger Martin-Fagg.

Martin, a fellow Landlord, shared his personal perspective, including the latest property market analysis, which was interspersed with humorous ‘behind the scenes’ anecdotes. “There was good information about buying at auction; the distinctions to be made between different types of auction; how to finance property purchased at auction; and the tips about looking for the next hotspots by looking at council development plans, etc. Useful to those of us still in build phase. It was great to hear someone with a high profile being so supportive of landlords.”

While Roger delivered the latest economic and housing market update, with the implications it could have, the opportunities it presents, and what the next year could bring for our HMO property owners. “Roger’s session was fantastic! He shared complex economic theories so clearly, that even I understood them! His knowledge and understanding were ably demonstrated in the Q&A session, where he switched easily between diverse topics and gave concise responses which made complete sense. Very interesting explanations and analysis, linking multiple causes to long-term effect.”

Both sessions were incredibly insightful and well received within the room! As one of our franchisees said, particularly of the ‘Future of Sustainability and Planning’ session, “The whole thing was brilliant, as always. But Masha Ige delivered a very informative session, offering excellent suggestions of how we can reduce CO2 and save money within our properties.”

Of course, as a franchise community, we also discussed topics designed to streamline and finesse our Partner’s processes. This included best practice guidance on running a Platinum Property Partners’ business, and how we, as the Support Team, are consistently improving the service offering to our Franchise Partners. We have an eye on the future, and a clear strategy to maximise growth potential. As the world of HMOs is ever-changing, we’re consciously navigating and communicating such matters as, Local Authority policy, understanding co-living and evolving sub-markets, working effectively with architects, builders, and maximising valuations, as well as making sense of rental market forecasting. It can feel daunting and lonely, to someone new to HMOs, which is why our support and community is so invaluable.

Our training events, help build connections and lasting relationships amongst our partners, some of which have become so strong, business partnerships are created, like the ‘snug living’ team, whilst others invest in other Partners’ portfolios. Partners have also holidayed together on our lifestyle events, to the Dolomites, Chamonix to New Forest weekend retreats. These genuine connections and friendships were clear to see when the party started! Our 1970s/80s summer BBQ with live band was a smash hit, as we relaxed together, after a full-on day of learning.

However, there’s only so much you can gain about a training and networking event like ours, from reading about it. The best way to experience the Platinum support and learn from industry expert insights for yourself, is to be there in the room! With our next National Conference agenda already in full swing for January 2025, you still have time to join Platinum and be there in person!

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