When David Brant was given the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy from his corporate marketing career in telecommunications in 2010, he used it as an opportunity to look for something new.

Taking nothing off the table, he decided to look for new job opportunities as well as exploring the idea of setting up his own business or franchising.

"I didn't really know what I wanted to do next," said David. "I thought do I go for another corporate job? Or do I want to completely break out of that and set up my own business, do something really challenging and completely different? So I decided to look at both options."

At the same as applying for new jobs, David also went to the Franchise Show at the NEC in Birmingham with a completely open mind. He considered coaching, fast food and photography franchises as well as Platinum Property Partners (PPP).

After carrying out due diligence on a few franchise opportunities, he kept coming back to PPP. It was the only option that fitted his criteria of being able to create a profitable business in an attractive market that would generate a replacement income for the long term.

And just as he was about to sign the franchise agreement, he found himself in a conundrum. David had also been offered a six-figure salary job.

"I genuinely had two offers on the table, and very different ones at that. Do I go for the security of a salary, employment and sector that I had 25 years' experience in or take a risk - one full of opportunity, excitement but also scariness?" added David.

He then read 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, which David describes as a lightbulb moment. He realised that PPP provided him with an opportunity to achieve financial freedom and time flexibility using a long-term sustainable investment model.

So despite having no experience in property other than buying his own home, David opted for a new challenge with PPP over another job.

"It would also mean that I would no longer be a weekend-only Dad," said David. "In the corporate world, I was working stupid hours Monday through to Friday and I was missing out on the growth of my two young kids."

In the five years since joining PPP, David, along with his wife Rita, have built a portfolio of five shared houses for young professionals in West Drayton, just north of Heathrow. As well as providing comfortable, affordable and flexible accommodation for a lot of airport workers and other workers in the area, the couple have now created a profitable buy-to-let business.

David said: "We've successfully generated a replacement income, provided for our retirement so we won't need to rely on family or the state and are genuinely proud of the product and service we provide. I am also able to spend much more time with the kids too, which is the greatest benefit of joining PPP."

It's also been an opportunity for David and Rita to work together. "I tend to deal with the marketing and financial side of the business," said David. "And Rita has been appointed the Director of Cleaning Services - just my joke because she manages all of the cleaners and the agents! Even though I once said 'there is no way I'm going to work with her in the same company', we actually make a great team. We both do viewings and checkouts, and we work hard to look after our tenants as they are our important customers."

In addition to developing and managing their own portfolio, David and Rita manage four properties in the area for other landlords. That's a total of 55 tenants including their own. As such, they are experts in sourcing and dealing with tenants and David often presents on this matter for the PPP network via webinars and at the National Workshops.

David and Rita are now Alumni Partners with PPP since their initial agreement came to an end in February 2016. They chose to stay with PPP because of the value they see in both the franchise support and the network of partners.

"Retaining access to up to date information, assistance, and the regular communication with other Partners is invaluable for maintaining the best standards and continuing to develop our business," concluded David.